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Experiences of the Paths


The project

The event is part of the I Sentieri del Miele e del Piccolo Frutto project which was created with the aim of creating cultural itineraries dedicated to children and adults along the Miralta di Moncrivello hill.

Knowledge and arguments

The knowledge and topics provided will be:

  • The lavender species

  • Legends, tales and curiosities about lavender

  • the beneficial properties of the plant

  • The history of steam distillation of aromatic herbs

  • The functioning of the steam still

  • Recommendations on the uses of essential oils

Farewell with 20 ml of lavender essential oil and 100 ml of hydrosol

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Development of the experience

The timing of the event. The times are a rough indication and may vary according to the questions of the students or the timing of the still:

  • 9:00

I arrive on the field with my own means. There is a convenient parking near the camp.

Presentation of the activity and small refreshment based on blueberry nectar and local biscuits.

  • 9:15 am

Harvesting of lavender under our supervision with historic sickles found in local tool stores.

  • 9:35

Walk in the fields, through vineyards and cereals, to reach the work area-

  • 9:55

Loading of the 100 kg copper still.
Start of heating the boiler.


  • 10:05

Beginning of theoretical activity with the supply of the knowledge in question, waiting for the working temperature of the still

  • 10:35

Beginning of distillation with the presence of the students. Explanation of the operating principle of the still and the taking of essential oils.

  • 11:10

Collection of essential oil and preparation of the bottles

  • 11:30


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