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Historical premises

Morenica promises to bring Piedmontese expertise back into vogue in the ratafià  of fruit of which there are extensive production hints in the manuals of court cooks and liquorists starting from the mid-nineteenth century.

Among these we can mention Il Confetturiere Piemontese, published in 1790, which contains all the recipes of popular and bourgeois home cooking. In  particular way are cited sweets, creams, syrups and preserves with blackberries and ampulas (raspberries).


This text, as well as the subsequent Treatise on cooking, pastry and confectionery  of 1854, edited by Giovanni Vialardi, royal cook in the service of Carlo Alberto, certify this productive primacy, also recognized by contemporary texts by French and English authors. In these pages you can read dozens of recipes, including jams and liqueurs, with red fruits, including raspberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries and cassis (cassis).


A cultural heritage that certainly needed to be rediscovered.


The mission

The company was born in Moncrivello, in the heart of the morainic amphitheater of Ivrea, whose suitable lands have been the home of blueberry, raspberry and  more plants for over thirty years.
Here they are collected by Mirbì, a certified organic farm, when perfectly ripe and immediately taken to the distillery for processing.
A method that requires multiple steps in the field to select the best fruits to give you the best every time.

For the production of liqueurs an average of 50 kilos of fruit are used for the production of batches of 300 bottles, equal to the capacity of our macerators.


On the label you will find the number of bottles produced which will be directly proportional to the fruit harvested in the fields.

The production is entrusted to a local distillery the Revel Chion  which since 1850 is known in Piedmont and in the world for the production of its grappas, and which has another flagship in fruit liqueurs.

Long macerations, usually almost a month and a half, are necessary to unhurriedly extract the aromas. At the end we proceed with a minimal addition of sugar and spices, in accordance with tradition.

We have decided not to use pulps or preparations to allow the consumer to read the vintage, as when making wine. Therefore in our fruit there is only the work of the plant which is not forced into production.

The glass comes from recycling and that is why you will find some defects in the bottles, and once the liquor is finished it can be reused as a cruet.

Recycling is important but, as a philosophy of life, reuse is even more important, which does not involve the use of other energy for production.




The Morenica Liquori project is part of another, very important on an ethical and cultural level, called The paths of honey and small fruit which aims to protect pollinating insects and enhance a unique territory, the Canavese.

The Consortium for the Protection of the Small Fruit promoted by Mirbì, working in collaboration with I Sentieri, has implemented a virtuous path by recovering uncultivated and wooded land to be converted to the cultivation of these goodness in cohabitation with melliferous herbs sown between the rows or to delimit the edges.

All the fields are organically managed, with hemp mulches to avoid the growth of weeds while to always have clean water, free of herbicides or other release chemicals, a 90-meter well has been dug to irrigate safely. while always ensuring an excellent harvest.



Morenica liqueurs to be consistent with the project that was born in the field, has decided to use organic cereal alcohol, paper for labels and recycled glass bottles for the production of its liqueurs, therefore we apologize if not all will be perfect. The only plastic element is the cork as at the moment we have not been able to find one made of natural material.

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Violante, the blueberry liqueur, is a tribute to Princess Violante of Valois, Italianized in Jolanda, who lived and died in Moncrivello in 1434 and whose name is strongly linked to the events of our castle. We also liked Violante very much because it recalls the color of blueberries.

Ida, the raspberry liqueur, is linked to the nymph who pricked herself with the thorns of this bramble and colored the originally white fruits with her blood, of which Zeus was greedy . 

Sofia, the blackberry liqueur, is a game. After two products with cultural references, a bit of a good mood was needed. For us Sofia Loren is the most beautiful of blackberries and therefore we decided to call it that.



The products should above all be savored in purity, fresh from the fridge to appreciate their fragrance.
They also lend themselves to the preparation of simple cocktails, combined with a glass of sparkling wine or soda drinks for tasty thirst quenchers.
Violante, the Blueberry liqueur is enhanced in combination with rum, in a precious Daiquiri, while Ida the Raspberry liqueur becomes a fundamental ingredient to create some famous recipes of historical blending, such as the Clover Club or the Skywasser, finally the Sofia the Blackberry liqueur will be the protagonist in the Bramble.

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If Piedmont played an important role in the ratafia of red fruits, it was no less in their cultivation.  In the preface of the third edition of 1986 of Giuliana Gay Eynard's book signed by Italo Eynard "The cultivation of the blueberry "we read:
American blueberries, introduced in Italy in 1963 by the Institute of Arboreal Cultivation of the University of Turin, are of particular interest for those soils which, due to excessive acidity, would hardly lend themselves to other crops. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The land in question, for the start of the experimentation, is identified on the hills surrounding Lake Viverone, which is a few kilometers from Moncrivello.

The definitive commercial consecration will take place in the Nineties also on the push of a renewed commercial interest that launches new juices on the market including the blueberry juice which is also very successful due to the health implications it proposes.

The return of an important segment of consumers to natural remedies, the search for a correct diet and important medical studies on active ingredients, useful for the treatment of various micro-circulation disorders, increase the demand for the product.

Other crops are started, among which the Mirbì company stands out, which in 1990 planted the first hectares of blueberries in Moncrivello before then known only for the excellent Erbaluce and the cultivation of corn.
Campi  are chosen with excellent exposure along the morainic amphitheater and with acid soils, loose, rich in organic substance, becoming the leader of the revaluation project of the small fruit.


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