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The solidarity buying groups (GAS) are  informal groups of citizens who meet and organize for  buy food or common products together. The purchase  takes place according to the principle of solidarity, which leads them to prefer  small and local producers, respectful of the environment and people,  with which they establish a direct relationship.

The Gas is also characterized by three  adjectives:  little,  local  And  supportive.

In this way a  fiduciary channel   between producers and consumers, fueled by the sharing of intentions.  The exchange becomes more personal, possibilities for experimentation open up  new modalities in the producer - consumer relationship unthinkable in  traditional trade. The commodity is no longer just a product but becomes  an element alongside many others of a relationship.


To receive the dedicated price list or for information, you can send an email to .

I nostri G.A.S.

our gases

(being updated and added)

-  Gas Gi ardino di Pomona

- Gas Oltrepò Pavese

- Gas Twisted Stationary

- Gas Cascina (Association of Future Seeds)

- Gas of Pessano con Bornago "Dreams and Needs"

- Gas Tandem Arese

- Gas from Marghera

- Gas Peschiera di Peschiera Borromeo

- Equogas

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