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The project

The event is part of the I Sentieri del Miele e del Piccolo Frutto project which was created with the aim of creating cultural itineraries dedicated to children and adults along the Miralta di Moncrivello hill.

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The Ancestral Honey of the Paths

The ' Ancestral Honey ' is a new way of conceiving honey that is actually inspired by tradition and antiquity.
The well-being of bees is not only linked to being able to give them a healthy environment full of flowers, but to the fact of drastically reducing invasive interventions on the hive.

Ancestral Honey has the characteristics of all the flowers present in our area and it will be a fun game to try to recognize all the fragrances that the bees have enclosed, with their honey, in this magic.

Simone Santià , the beekeeper who created this honey dedicates 30 permanent hives to its production. These are located on the hills of Moncrivello and in the fields of Sergio Germano 's Mirbì.

Here you can find acacias, chestnuts, lavenders, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberry trees, dandelion and clover meadows, brambles, ivy and cherry trees. A kaleidoscope of scents, an incredible blend of flavors that Nature wanted to give us, in a balance that will be different every season.
And in this lies its uniqueness . 


Crystallization, an absolutely natural phenomenon for honey, could be more frequent due to the organoleptic and pollen characteristics. This shouldn't scare us, on the contrary the lower presence of water, notoriously devoid of food value, means that the Ancestral Honey contains more nutrients in every spoon.
If on the one hand we will have to give up our habits, made of monofloral honeys, with flavors consolidated in our memory; on the other hand with Ancestral Honey we will become aware consumers, respectful of bees, and we will develop a greater sensitivity to the different nuances of taste present in honey.

Beekeeping Simone Santià

Simone Santià began his business as a hobbyist honey producer in the 90s. In 2000 he decided to open his nomadic beekeeping company and officially produce honey and propolis. To date, it manages 80 hives of which 30, as mentioned, are dedicated to Ancestral Honey.

The seeds purchased with the " I Sentieri del Miele e del Piccolo Frutto " project are planted in his own field in Moncrivello.


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