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“Remember, it's not just a certified organic product. It is a philosophy of life ”.


Organic farming represents the return to tradition  and constitutes a first step towards sustainable development. "Organic" does not only mean natural, but also healthy, as the cultivation techniques used do not use synthetic chemicals, with the utmost respect for nature, for the person and for the animal. The safeguarding of irreproducible resources (land, water, air) and biodiversity become the pillars of a more conscious, healthy and equitable diet. A true philosophy of food ...


Of course, the certified quality and the control of the agro-organic supply chain, from the seed to the plate, have a cost. This is one of the reasons why organic products maintain a higher price differential than conventional products.
The higher costs are due, in addition to the control of a third party, to the more expensive mineral and organic fertilizers and natural substances for the defense of plants, compared to synthetic chemicals, the need for more company labor and the size of the market. , which lead to higher distribution costs.

To see a copy of our certificate online directly from our certifier's website click here.
To download a hard copy click here .

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The municipal denominations of origin (De.CO),  represent an important recognition granted by the Municipal Administration to a product in general closely linked to the territory and its community.

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