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Experiences of the Paths


The project

The event is part of the I Sentieri del Miele e del Piccolo Frutto project which was created with the aim of creating cultural itineraries dedicated to children and adults along the Miralta di Moncrivello hill.

Knowledge and arguments

The topics covered will be:

  • Blueberry species (having different biotypes in the field)

  • Legends, tales and curiosities about the blueberry

  • Bilberry diseases 

  • The beneficial properties

  • How the blueberry is harvested


The theoretical part will last about half an hour and will be used above all to have the right notions for the collection.

The theoretical part will be delivered in the field, under a gazebo, in the shade of trees.

Immagine 2022-05-30 113243.jpg

Development of the experience

The times are a rough indication and may vary according to the questions of the students:

  • 9:30

I arrive on the field with my own means.

There is a convenient parking near the camp.

Presentation of the Mirbì business and company and small refreshment based on blueberry nectar and local biscuits.

  • 10:00

Theoretical part with visual support.

  • 10:30

Walk among the rows of blueberries to discover the species,

organic management and cultivation practices.

  • 11:00 am

Autonomous harvesting of blueberries following the instructions received during the theoretical lesson.


  • 11:30

Farewell and greetings with free souvenir product Blueberry pulp to all participants.

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