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If consumed constantly, blueberries are a panacea for health and the human body: they help to stay fit, improve memory and are used for therapeutic purposes.

Belonging to the Ericaceae family, the blueberry is a berry made up, like other small fruits, mostly of about 85% water.

The high percentage of water present inside it makes the blueberry a fruit with a relatively low energy value, but with a high satiating power.

Furthermore, blueberry berries are moderately rich in sugars, but also particularly rich in vitamin C.

In summary, the blueberry is a small fruit, but with properties suitable for those who follow a balanced diet.

What are the benefits of blueberries?

All the beneficial effects for the human body deriving from the constant consumption of vegetables and, therefore, also of blueberries, have been demonstrated by numerous scientific researches.

Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness among consumers that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can be beneficial to health.

The properties of the blueberry are many more than you can imagine: it is an ally of physical well-being, improves memory capacity and is used for therapeutic purposes.

Let's find out 7 benefits of blueberry that you probably don't know:

  • Improve the microcirculation. Bilberry contains sugars, mineral salts, vitamins A, B and C. It also contains myrtillin, an important ally of the circulatory system since it reduces the permeability of the capillaries and strengthens the blood vessels making them more elastic. Its intake therefore improves the microcirculation.

  • Ally against ageing. Among the properties of blueberry we find the ability to slow down the aging process. Vitamins C and A contribute to the formation of collagen, responsible for cell regeneration. The result is more hydrated skin, with various benefits such as less visible wrinkles.

  • Antioxidant power. The bilberry is a truly extraordinary fruit. In addition to being rich in vitamins, it also contains copper, zinc, selenium, iron and anthocyanins: properties that are really useful for the body.

  • To stay fit. The antioxidants present in blueberry also have effects on cellular metabolism, as well as being also important for blood pressure. Taking blueberries helps keep your blood pressure low.

  • Improve memory. Anthocyanins, which give bilberry its characteristic color, also help us improve our memory capacity because they increase mnemonic activity.

  • Ally against cystitis and stomach ache. The tannins contained in this fruit prevent bacteria from developing. Taking blueberries therefore improves intestinal tract disorders such as diarrhea, inflammation or indigestion. It then helps to counteract inflammation of the urinary tract such as cystitis.

  • Natural anti-inflammatory. Since ancient times, among the properties of the bilberry, all its anti-inflammatory properties have been listed and exposed.

How to take blueberry?

The blueberry can be taken through food, consuming it fresh, through infusions, herbal teas and juices. However, it is also found in the form of a dietary supplement.

The blueberry, an ally of our well-being, is also excellent to be enjoyed in the form of centrifuges, smoothies and also as a special (decorative) ingredient in many recipes.

How many blueberries to eat?

Blueberries have many nutritional properties and, as we have seen, they bring various benefits to your body.

As always, the challenge is to buy quality products that are able to keep the properties of this fantastic fruit intact.

Mirbì cultivates its blueberries through sustainable agricultural cultivation, where every choice is closely linked to respect for the environment and the fruits harvested are 100% organic.

Some nutritionists and dieticians, after analyzing and checking the raw materials, have confirmed that the Mirbì products are actually good and healthy, a great pride for our company.

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